Grasshopper Off The Green – Morristown

On St. Patrick’s Day I was eager to go out and celebrate, but I had no idea where to go. Of course there are great spots in NYC and Hoboken, but not on a college girl budget. So after scouring the internet, I came across Grasshopper Off The Green in Morristown. My boyfriend and I decided to take the 40 minute drive from my house, and it was well worth the trip.

Grasshopper Off The Green is a huge three story Irish pub and restaurant located on Morris St. with 12 beers on tap and an extensive menu of Irish and American fare. On St. Patrick’s Day there was no cover charge which was amazing because I was expecting to pay at least $10 to get in. Each floor has its own atmosphere and something different to offer.

When you first walk in you are on the 2nd floor, pictured below. It was loud and rowdy and on this night, a sea of green. It was so crowded that there was no way I could take my own picture, so this one is courtesy of the Grasshopper Off The Green website.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.21.29 AM.png

If you head up the stairs you see in the picture, the third floor will either be a seating area (if you go for lunch or dinner) or if you’re there for the late night party all of the tables will be removed and the whole floor is a dance party. When I went, there was a video DJ which means that while she was DJing the TVs in the room were showing the music videos that went with each song. This was a really cool feature that I have never seen in a bar before.

Here’s the third floor during normal dining hours.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.23.45 AM.png

Finally, the first floor (or the basement) is a small cozy area with a bar and several tables. It was nice to go down there to cool off and grab and beer to take a break from dancing on the third floor. There was traditional Irish music playing which was a nice contrast to the top 40 music playing upstairs. We got two Angry Orchards for $13, which was not expensive at all considering it was the most popular drinking holiday of the year.


Now that St. Patrick’s Day has passed, here are the current drink specials

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.19.15 AM.png

I LOVED Grasshopper Off The Green because of the variety and space offered by the three floors and I am planning to go back soon to try their food and some of those drink specials!



– Kate



Fox & Hound Sports Tavern – Edison

Fox & Hound Sports Tavern is bar and restaurant located at Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ. When you first walk in you’d think its a pretty decent sized restaurant, but as you make your way to the back you’ll realize that it is actually enormous. The long high top tables and comfortable booths make it a great spot for a group outing.

The best night to go if you’re on a budget is definitely Tuesday because beer is $2 for a large glass whereas some bars have beer specials but it is served in a miniature plastic cup. You can check out the rest of their drink specials below

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.56.05 AM.png

As for events, on Wednesdays there is Team Trivia from 8-10 pm followed by karaoke from 10 pm -2 am, which I haven’t tried yet but it sounds like a great time. Like I said before, the bar is huge and it is divided into three big rooms. The first room is where the bar is located along with plenty of TVs, long high top tables, booths, and a pool table. The next room features high top tables, dart boards, TVs, and arcade basketball games. Finally, the back room has plenty of tables and can be booked for private events.

While $2 Tuesdays are great for beer lovers, personally my favorite drink is the Coronarita. For those of you who don’t know, it is a giant margarita with a bottle of Coronita upside down in the glass.


Coronarita $8.50

Last time I visited Fox & Hound in Edison I tried the nachos as an appetizer. There is a choice of chicken or chili and I have tried both and my personal favorite is the chili. But this time I decided to go for chicken. It was a very generous portion as you can see below


Next, my boyfriend and I split a double order of their boneless wings, half with garlic-parm sauce and the other half with honey bbq sauce. The other unique sauces they offer are teriyaki, thai sweet chili, tequila lime, hot honey, carribean jerk, spicy garlic, classic buffalo, and atomic buffalo.


My wings (halfway through the meal) $15 for double order

The food menu is very diverse with offerings including burgers, salads, tacos, sandwiches, pizzas, and flatbreads. You should also become a member of Fox & Hound’s All Star Club and start earning 1 point for every $5 you spend and get a free burger or sandwich just for signing up!


                       – Kate


Miller’s NJ Ale House – Woodbridge

Miller’s Ale House is a chain of restaurants with 72 locations across America serving up great food and affordable drinks. The Woodbridge, NJ location is fairly new and shares a parking lot with the Hampton Inn of Woodbridge. It is a giant restaurant with two dining rooms with a bar in each and an outdoor dining area.


Here is an outside view of the restaurant from the Miller’s website

Yesterday was the Woodbridge St. Patrick’s Day parade and throughout the day many (including myself) went to Miller’s to unwind. One of the things Miller’s is best known for is their pitchers, so I decided to try one off of the St. Patrick’s Day menu called the Irish Mule. It is the Irish version of the Moscow Mule and it is made with Jameson Irish Whiskey, Gosling’s Ginger Beer, and a lot of fresh squeezed lime. It had a very strong lime taste but it was absolutely delicious.


The Irish Mule Pitcher $13.95

For those who are interested in Irish fare, Miller’s is serving up some unique dishes like Irish Egg Rolls but only until March 17th. See the special menu below


Besides offering the Irish Mule Pitcher for a limited time, Miller’s has many other delicious pitchers all year round for just $10. I think this is a great deal and a perfect way to go out for drinks with friends without emptying your wallet. The most bang for your buck is the Electric Blue Long Island Iced Tea because it has the highest amount of alcohol.


Miller’s Ale House is also known for their extensive menu of great food. I decided to share the calamari with my boyfriend and it was really good. I was concerned at first because I thought the portion might be too small for both of us, but as soon as it came out I knew I was wrong. The calamari was served with a sweet chili sauce that had just the right amount of kick.


Calamari $9.99

One of my other favorite things about Miller’s is their Zingers, which are boneless chicken tenders that come in a variety of sauces like garlic, teriyaki, sweet thai chili, honey mustard, honey lime sriracha, honey bbq, the super spicy Mt. St. Helens, and more. After 10 pm from Sunday – Thursday an order of Zingers is just $5.


The bar/restaurant features countless TVs and a huge selection of beers and spirits, which makes it a great place to watch your favorite sports games. I like the variety that Miller’s offers because it is the kind of place you can take your grandma for lunch but also meet up with friends at 11 pm for drinks. If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend it.



                       – Kate

Asbury Ale House – Asbury Park

40 TVs. 52 beers. 48 brands of alcohol. Do you need to know any more about Asbury Ale House? Of course you do, because I haven’t even mentioned the delicious food and the fact that they are the only bar in town with Tito’s Vodka on tap. Ale House is located on Cookman Ave. in Asbury Park and I ventured there this past weekend to see what the buzz was about.

The bar was super crowded and I was ready to eat, so my boyfriend and I fought our way through the crowd to the restaurant area to grab a table. Along the way we passed a giant shot wheel, a shuffleboard table, a photo area with props and a photographer, and countless TVs. When we finally got to a table we each ordered a Bacardi white rum and coke.


White Rum and Coke $8

As for the food, I ordered the nachos which come with your choice of beef or chicken chili. I was undecided but the waiter recommended the beef so I went with that. I was impressed with the size of the serving which as you can see below was very large. I was only able to eat less than half and I took the rest home. Every bite was delicious and for the amount of food it was definitely worth the $10.


Nachos $10

My boyfriend ordered the Rise and Shine burger, which includes 2 slices of bacon or pork roll, American cheese, and a sunny side up egg.


Another fun feature of the Asbury Ale House is that they have all kinds of giveaways and special events. Every Friday is #freefriday which means each guest after a certain time gets a raffle ticket for a chance to win a TV or other great prize. They also have trivia nights with prizes like a trip to the Bahamas (see Instagram post below)


They also had a “Make Your Own Bloody Mary” bar on Valentine’s Day. It’s the unique quirks like these that set Ale House apart from other bars in the area.


The music was an eclectic mix featuring artists like Bon jovi, Eminem, and Backstreet boys to name a few. Since it was so crowded when I visited, I hope to return to Ale House to try it again especially when the rooftop area is open!


                    – Kate